What Is Integrative Tinnitus Therapy?

Will Integrative Tinnitus Therapy work for me?

You are probably wondering what this therapy is that you stumbled upon. You are also probably wondering, "who the heck is Dr. Recher?" Don't worry, I promise I will tell you all that you need to know in due time. First, I'd like to focus on you.

If you stumbled upon my website, you're probably frustrated. You're frustrated from all of the countless doctor's appointments offering empty promises (if that) on how to achieve freedom from Tinnitus. You most likely have also been told, "I'm sorry but there is nothing you can do for your tinnitus. You are going to have to learn to live with it"

Every time I hear one of my patients tell me this story, I am so frustrated with the medical system. I get it, most physicians mean well but the human mind is extremely powerful. Giving someone a placebo literally is so effective that they have to control for it in medical studies. Which is why when a physician gives a directive on your health, you can also have a nocebo effect. This is when a doctor of physician gives you a negative directive that seeps into your sub conscious and it ends up becoming a self fulfilling prophesy. 

Tinnitus can be difficult, especially when those you love are unable to comprehend your struggle.

Let's take someone who is experiencing a debilitating form of tinnitus and add on top of that the nocebo effect from a trusted physician in the form of "I'm sorry, there is nothing you can do, you're going to have to live with it" In my opinion, what that doctor is really saying is, "I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do for you". 

A recent Harvard Medical news journal noted that, "A nocebo makes patients feel worse (or does other harm) in the same way and that many health professionals are not aware of nocebos"

Often at times, individuals who receive this devastating type of news seek support from home but come up short. Tinnitus is a very misunderstood disorder that leads to many individuals having difficulty communicating what they are experiencing to a loved one. This leads to further isolation which further exacerbates the problem. 

I want you to take control of your health.

We are in an era now where it's more important than ever to take full interest in decisions regarding our health and it's crucial that we guard our thoughts from the directives that doctor's give us. They are highly trained but there are things that they just do not know. 

This is why I developed this website and this program Integrative Tinnitus Therapy. This is for the individual that is ready and willing to take full control of their health, reduce their symptoms of tinnitus and ultimately, improve every aspect of their life. The individual that wants to experience a full abundance of health.

Through my guidance, I will help you live your best life. To improve your wellness and to look at your tinnitus as more of a symptom and not a identity or destiny. There is so much life for you beyond this troublesome disorder and I am here to tell you that yes, as far as we know there is no "known" cure for tinnitus. However, what many integrative doctors have been discovering in the last few years is how interconnected the entire body is. As medical professionals, we must be helping individuals treat the entire body instead of just one system. As an example, you better believe that the food you are putting in your body is affecting your ears.

Do you hear that? Food affects your ears!

Nutrition is only one pillar to achieving this "health abundance" I speak of. Understanding how nutrition can impact our hearing health is something I am very passionate about. Curious? If you want to learn exactly what you will gain by being a part of my program, CLICK HERE.

So who is this Dr. Recher guy?

My name is Thomas Recher and I am a doctor of audiology with a private practice out of Wantagh, New York. Since 2014 I have been serving individuals with hearing loss and ringing in the ears and have had the opportunity to meet some incredible people with beautiful lives. These individuals are always looking for the same thing, to find peace from their hearing loss or tinnitus so that they can stay connected and thrive with the people they love the most.

As an audiologist, I have also experienced ringing in the ears (and continue to from time to time). I developed my ringing from all the years of playing loud percussion instruments and guitars in all the various bands I was a part of through my adolescence. Little did I know that developing tinnitus would actually open up a world of possibility for me to help so many people who also suffer from ringing. 

Why should you trust me with your tinnitus?

Living in this "hearing world" and having my own case of tinnitus, I have dove very deep into understanding the human body and what it takes to optimize it. Being my own patient, I have tested many different things to improve my wellness which, over the last few years, has developed into what I now call, "Integrative Tinnitus Therapy".

So, if you're struggling with T, I invite you to join me on a path to an abundance of health so that you can learn to reduce the symptoms of your tinnitus (and maybe break free from it all together). I say that last part cautiously because success with my program is in the end highly dependent on the work someone is willing to put into what I teach as well as where they fall on the severity spectrum of their tinnitus. 

What about traditional sound therapy from an audiologist?

Absolutely! I am all for sound therapy also known as tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT). These are tools that have been well tested for years with clinical data that are known to help individuals disassociate from their tinnitus. In fact, I'm going to be talking in the future about many of these traditional routes to help you understand what's available. For many, it's the best place to start because it's hard to focus on doing other things if one is unable to obtain even the slightest relief from their ringing.

However, as an audiologist, I don't like to stop there. I truly believe that the human body is incredible, the human mind is limitless and we all have the ability to make massive change in our lives. Just remember, there is always hope. Please do not ever let a doctor take that from you, no matter how good their intentions are. I do have to say, if you or a loved one is suffering from tinnitus plagued by very dark thoughts, it is important to immediately reach out to someone and let them know you are struggling. 

So what's next to obtain relief from your tinnitus?

I encourage you again to CLICK HERE to learn more about my tinnitus program. This is just the beginning. This website will be a resource for all things tinnitus and hearing related. My promise to you is that everything I teach/preach, I am a student myself. Nothing I share with you on this website or in my program is therapy that I am not also utilizing on myself. I want to be the best version of myself and it is my goal to help you do the same. 

So to answer that first question, will it work for you?

Yes! if you are willing to put in the work, surround yourself with positive people and positive energy, relief from tinnitus is reachable! However, there is no magic bullet unfortunately. Living vibrantly is achievable, you just have to take that first step. Also! don't take it the wrong way, I know you have been working hard trying find solutions to the ringing. As someone who has/had suffered from tinnitus, I get it. Putting in work and not seeing results is extremely frustrating. So stick with me and I will help guide you.

I have a lot of exciting things planned and I look forward to developing this into a powerful resource for you.

Stay tuned for my next post where I will take a deep dive into exactly what tinnitus is. Unraveling the many types of tinnitus, causes, treatments is going to unravel over the coming months. It would be impossible to cover it all in one post. So! just know you are in the right place and I am going to support you and I will always make this hub a safe place for you. I look forward to the opportunity to guide you towards a path of true wellness. 



Dr. Recher


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